19 June 2017

Burtender Cocktails

Did Someone Say Savoury Cocktails?

We all know beer and crisps are meant to be together like peaches and cream, pen and paper, Starsky and Hutch or even Miss World and unconvincing proclamations about world peace. Yep, beer and crisps are perfect bed-fellows. But what about crisps and cocktails?

Hmmm – not instinctively right is it? But go with me on this one. Let’s think outside the Dog and Duck, push the envelope, break down those intellectual silos and drink from the Kool-Aid. Trust me on this one. It’s time to pull back the curtain, Dorothy. Take the red pill and I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes…

Welcome to Wonderland. Six savoury ‘Burtender’ cocktails blended by a Master Mixologist with big, bold tastes and Burts’ signature flavours all over them. You’ll never look at a humble packet of crisps in the same way again.

So dust off your Champagne flutes and crystal tumblers, open up the drinks cabinet and get mixing. Try a ‘Burtini’ – that’s a Burts’ vintage cheddar & spring onion martini. Or what about a Burts’ smoked bacon Manhattan? We’ve got a Thai Sweet Voodoo Chilli and even a Peppered Margarita.

Full recipe videos of how to make our delicious savoury cocktails are coming soon…


Plus, keep an eye on our Facebook, and Twitter pages, for your chance to WIN a night in for you and three friends, for a ‘Burtender’ to come to your home and mix the cocktails for you to enjoy along with a box of each of the Burts Chips flavours used in the cocktails.

Burtender Cocktails