About Burts

Burts offer an award-winning premium snacking range.

Our thick cut British Potato chips are hand-cooked in Devon, with real taste, proper crunch, and made by real people.

We locally source the best Red Tractor Assured potatoes, slice and cook them in batches, and season with the best flavours around, often sourced from local South West partners.

Our Lentil Chips offer the health-conscious snacker, a better for you alternative to our delicious crisps, without compromising texture, using the same authentic flavours as we do on our crisps.

What we stand for

We like to keep things simple, so we have a few principles we like to stick to when it comes to making our crisps and snacks

How it’s made

All Burts Potato Chips are prepared and cooked in small batches. The potatoes are peeled, then sliced, before being hand-cooked in the highest quality rapeseed oil one batch at a time in purpose-built fryers. All our bags are stamped with the name of the Master Fryer who cooked the chips. It’s our way of celebrating our craft, but it’s also a seal of authenticity.

What We Stand For

Chillies from South Devon? Beef from Okehampton? Mature Cheddar from Exeter? You’ve got it. When it comes to unique flavours, we’re the ones to beat. Where else will you find a range of snacks not only using local ingredients, but with diversity including the likes of Devon Roast Beef, Guinness®, and Lentil Chips.


We might make great crisps, but we never rest on our laurels. We wanted to bring the legendary flavours Burts Chips are known for to a new kind of healthy snack, and the result was Burts Lentil Chips– full of the flavours you know and love from Burts, at only 101 calories or less per bag. Sounds like a no-brainer to us.

Burts are proud to be Red Tractor assured

Traceable, safe and farmed with care.