Burt the Mascot visits Penventon Farm

29 June 2018

At Burts, where we hand-make our wonderful range of chips, we obviously see quite a lot of potatoes come through our door. Lorryfuls of luscious tubers, in fact. Tons of muddy tatos, as far as the eye can see. Simply put, we receive squiggilions of glorious spuds throughout the year.

And squiggilion isn’t even a real word, but you get the picture.

However, it is very rare for us to see them in their early stages or infant form, so when we got the offer of a visit down to Penventon Farm – one of Burt’s potato suppliers – we leapt at the chance. Owner, Martin Wallis, was opening his gates as part of Open Farm Sunday, and word even got to ‘Burt’ our official mascot; who very nearly burst open on hearing the news, such was his excitement.

He managed to contain himself though and thank goodness for that! There would have been a lotta chips to clear up.

Situated down on the south coast of Cornwall and overlooking beautiful Loe Pool, a natural freshwater lake, Penventon Farm grows two main varieties for us. An early crop known as ‘Lady Rosetta’. Along with ‘Endeavour’ – which is harvested towards the end of August. The lush rows of potatoes that are grown down there, in the surrounding fields, are testimony to the special climate and rich soil that Cornwall enjoys. And it is of no surprise that the National Trust are also involved with looking after this beautiful landscape.

The happiest moment for the team came when Martin invited us to get involved with some digging, to check on their condition. After a quick scoop in with the fork and a lift, a handsome bunch of baby potatoes came up, all rosy skinned and firm. Burt the Mascot turned quite gooey at the sight, as he picked them up and started to coo. He can be quite the family guy you know.

Other plans were in store for our Burt though. Alongside workshops, nature trails and displays of sheep shearing and milking, part of the day’s initiative was to raise money for local charities. So, for our part, the team gave out bags of chips in exchange for donations and pictures with Burt. Raising a princely sum of £178.

We’ve never seen him happier, soaking up all the attention. Although we did have to stifle a giggle when one little voice said – ‘Imagine if this was a real bag, full of crisps,’ as she stood beside him.

Little did she know, the real truth about Burt. He really is a just huge bag, full of crisps.

Squiggilions of them.

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