Burts Charities Do It Right

13 March 2017

Let’s face it – whatever we do for a living, most of us dream of something more. Something rugged, challenging, meaningful. Heroic. Notable. Think of those admiring glances. Think of the wonder in the eyes of the young and of the gratitude of the old. Think of the music as it swells to a crescendo, as you the protagonist stand before the crowd chanting your name.

And then you turn back to your spreadsheet and sigh … Or maybe it’s a spanner. Or a classroom. We aren’t all cut out to be James Bond or Bear Grylls but we can all certainly be difference-makers, improving our communities through our actions. At Burts, we make snacks. It’s a cool job. But we do realise there’s more out there. The world doesn’t begin and end at our factory door. That’s why we try to do our bit, working with charities which are changing lives; making the world a better, kinder place.

Burts Charity Devon Air AmbulanceWe’re a Devon company. Unashamedly. So if there’s a local cause we can back, we’re interested. One of our favourites is the Devon Air Ambulance, who we’ve been supporting since 2014. What do they do? They’re the ones who fly across Devon skies to provide life-saving medical assistance when the patient is hard to reach and the clock is against them. Like the 8-year-old boy who punctured his windpipe while out skating, or the motorcyclist who snapped his femur in a collision with a lorry. Each year, hundreds of people in Devon owe their lives to the work of the Devon Air Ambulance – to their quick thinking, their medical expertise and their helicopters. Burts is proud to back them, raising money through a whole range of initiatives from staff raffles to joining hundreds of Father Christmas’s on the Cornish Santa Fun Run. We may not be dashing to the rescue ourselves but we’re backing those who do.

Burts Charity Jeremiah's Journey

Burts staff also recently voted to support another, altogether different local charity, Jeremiah’s Journey. This inspiring organisation provides therapeutic support and advice to grieving children, young people and families in the Plymouth area. Though their projects may lack the drama of air rescues, they more than make up for it in their positive community impact, helping families at times of great need.

Both organisations rely on the work of volunteers to support their continued efforts and there are lots of ways Burts customers can get involved. Check out their websites.