Burts May Flavour of the Month – Mature Cheddar & Spring Onion

08 May 2018

It’s all about the flavour

When you sprinkle and dust your crisps with proper ingredients – like we do here at Burts – we believe that the coupling of cheese and onion can enter a higher level. When you go for quality, you notice that creamy, rather than harsh, notes of cheddar tend to come through on the taste buds. A flood of big, rich, buttery tones; that perhaps weren’t apparent before. And the variety of onion can make a huge difference too. Spring onions, when cooked down slowly, become a lot more mellow and sweet than most. Bring those elements together and you will discover a cheese and onion crisp that is unparalleled.

Make no doubt about it.

As you can probably tell, we’ve thought long and hard about this and we do get rather enthusiastic about our crisps at Burts. Which is why we work with equally passionate people like Quicke’s Farm, who supply us with the fantastic cheddar that we use to flavour our award-winning crisps.

The Story of Quicke’s Cheddar

Quicke’s Farm has origins going back as far as the 16th Century, when a distant ancestor managed to acquire some green and pleasant land in the parish of Newton St Cyres, in Devon. A fairly turbulent history followed, as the family endured waves of discord arising from the English Civil War, a failed mining venture in South Africa and the Agricultural Depression of the late 1800’s. But resilience has always been their middle name and no matter what they encountered, the Quickes always seemed to find their feet. Hence the family motto – ‘Strength Seeks Challenges’.

It was a shift in agricultural policy and subsequent surplus problems in the 1970’s, that led Sir John Quicke to decide to go into cheese. And what a smart move that was. Having cultivated a philosophy to create great things from the land, the notion of cheesemaking was deemed to be the perfect expression of this.

Quickes Cheese Cows

Their craft has been honed over 5 generations now, although the overall method remains the same. Using milk from happy, grass-fed cows – their own special hybrid no less – the focus is on quality over quantity and each day in the dairy can be quite different. Once poured into their giant vats, a special culture and natural rennet is added to the fresh milk to increase acidity and begin the journey from curds to cheddar. Mixed by hand, the curd gets cut into large strips and turned to drain excess whey and then milled for texture. It is then seasoned with Cornish Sea Salt and then bound into shape with muslin.

Quickes Devon Cheese

After that, it is a simple process of storing and turning, to mature and age, and develop that deep flavour and signature rind. The site in which the truckles are kept is known as the ‘Cathedral of Cheese’ and they only get released back into the wild after two years.

No ordinary crisp

No two cheeses will ever truly taste the same though. That is the beauty of artisan handmade cheese. And you might think for us at Burts, that might be an issue.

Far from it. We would sooner take ‘real’ ingredients to flavour our crisps. Rather than conjure something up in a lab, to produce a dull taste, all stale and lifeless.

We’d much rather do that. Any day of the week.

Are you intrigued by our rather proud statement on the humble cheese and onion crisp? Want to see why they are ‘flavour of the month’? Well, why not try them for yourselves. Burt’s Chips are available at Asda, Co-op and you can order online too!

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