Cracking News

27 October 2016

The Best Just Got Better!

Burts Chips new and improved firecracker lobster There’s an old saying about success, which will ring true for anyone who’s striven against challenging odds to get what they want in life. It goes like this – ‘It took me ten years to become an overnight sensation.’

Indeed. From musicians to entrepreneurs, scientists to chefs, there is usually a long road to travel before the world wakes up to your potential. As much as we’d like them, Eureka moments are rare. Perspiration as much as inspiration delivers the rewards we dream for.

At Burts, we understand this. What can be eaten in five minutes by the consumer, can take a year or even years of trial and error in the factory. Why do we bother? Couldn’t we just throw it all together?

Like the composer who agonises over when to change from a major to a minor key, our taste experts are engaged in a process of ‘creative destruction’ as they labour for perfection. It’s in the ingredients and the blend, the cooking and the knowledge.

That’s why we sometimes take a great product and then change it to make it even better.

Take our award-winning Firecracker Lobster flavour. It’s been a huge success for Burts. But we knew we could improve it. Bring out more of those meaty ocean lobster flavours, intensify the heat of the South Devon Chilli Farm chillies. And so we experimented and trialled new improved flavours until we cracked it. And now we have, more explosive than ever.

Look out for them with their vibrant new packaging. We think you’ll love them. After all, they’ve already won the gold medal at the Taste Of The West Awards.