Our top 5 spine chilling haunts to visit this Halloween

24 October 2018


If you are in the midst of making plans for your Halloween celebrations, we’ve got a great idea for you. Rather than decorate the front of your house and garden with the usual eerie paraphernalia – with all those flickering candles and cobwebs – simply dig a large hole in your lawn and creep down into it. With a good supply of Burts Chips to hand, in a variety of flavours.

Next, cover yourself with some AstroTurf, with a hole cut in the middle.

Then, whenever a big group of Trick or Treaters walk up to your house, you can simply thrust your hand upwards, with a packet of Burts for them to collect. (Don’t forget to yell ‘Boo!’ for added effect.)

Just like out of the ending of Carrie!

When it comes to Halloween, it is not hard to appreciate why it has become so popular over the years. The whole shebang may be borne out of ancient pagan tradition when, did you know, Jack O’Lanterns – carved pumpkins – were originally whittled out of turnips, beetroot and potatoes. But these days, it is of course, all about the kids. Plus, the excitement of dressing up and going out into the neighbourhood to pound doors in exchange for free sweets.

Given half the chance, they’d probably do it every single night of the year!

What about the adults though? What about them getting in on the act? Grown ups deserve to let their hair down and get dressed up too on Halloween, surely?

Well, here at Burts, we’ve had a little brainstorming session, so that the adults can join in on the adventure too. And whatever you do, we’d recommend you cater by piling up bowls with say, some of our ale-flavoured Hobgoblin Spit Roast Steak Burts Chips?

Wild Goulish Camping on Dartmoor

Dartmoor is the only place where you can legitimately camp out in the wild. An area of outstanding beauty that also provides perfect opportunities for some scary fun in the dark. So, find a spot near the Coffin Stone or Cutty Dyer, where an evil sprite is said to live. Nothing quite beats horror stories around the campfire. Although you might want to go to the toilet in pairs. www.dartmoor.gov.uk

Visit Spirits at Chambercombe Manor

Head to one of the most haunted manor houses in Devon. Situated near Ilfracombe, this 11th century property is said be packed to the rafters with ghosts and ghouls. Dare you go on one of their paranormal nights? Roaming from room to room in search of Kate Oatway, the ‘twins’ and the Irish Captain. All ghosts that are said to haunt the house. www.chambercombemanor.org.uk

Wheal Coates Mine, Saint Agnes

Heather and bright yellow gorse covers the cliffs that surround this abandoned tin mine. But don’t be fooled by all the rugged beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Legend has it that for the ghosts of miners at Cornwall’s most famous industrial building are still said to be there. Best take some Burt Chips in your bag as crisps are good for settling a nervous stomach, should the butterflies set in. www.nationaltrust.org.uk/wheal-coates

Brave the Dark at Swildon’s Hole, Somerset

It’s one thing to cavort above ground, dressed in silly outfits on Halloween but surely the best way to test your mettle is to venture under it and to try your hand at a spot of adventure caving. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the art of potholing, you will find a strange and eerie world of wonder at Swildon’s Hole – the longest cave on the Mendip Hills, that resurges in Somerset’s Wookey Hole. www.caveclimb.com

Pound a Pumpkin’

If you do decide to stay at home though, you could always hollow out a large pumpkin and fill it with packets of Burts Chips. Hang it from a tree and then take turns blind folded, to try and hit it with a cricket bat. It’s a version of piñata obviously. But for adults!

Or instead, do some Burts Bobbing! Similar to apple bobbing but go head first in for a mouthful of chips. Nothing gets wasted then and sharing is caring after all.




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