Happy Crunchmas!

20 December 2016

Burts Christmas 2016What is the sound of Christmas? Is it a riff from Noddy Holder’s ever present festive anthem? The rustle of wrapping paper being shredded? The beeps and whirrs of newly opened electronic toys?

Perhaps, it’s the national anthem? Or the scraping of knife and fork on heaving plates? Or cracker bangs (exploding crisp crackers of course!); or carols; or clinking glasses raised in toast or grandma snoring quietly in the corner.

We’d like to propose another. The crunch. Or more specifically the Burts crunch. After all, what is Christmas without snacks? Why it would be like, Easter without eggs and Halloween without frights.

No, the crunch deserves its place at Christmas, just as much as mistletoe. And at the top of the tree is the Burts crunch, the freshest, tastiest, loudest crunch in all the land.

So we at Burts would like to wish a happy Crunchmas to you all!