Hobgoblin’s Halloween

24 October 2016

Tricks (and treats)

Burts and Hobgoblin Halloween As Halloween approaches we thought we’d ask the Hobgoblin of Wychwood for some naughty, seasonal advice of the best tricks going. After all, he is a mischievous fellow, and not shy of a trick or two as we know from our time together inventing new crisp flavours like Hobgoblin Gold Hamageddon and Hobgoblin Spitroast Steak.

So here’s a few cheeky, naughty things you can do with your Burts Chips this Halloween.

1)Challenge a friend to an iron-stomach competition. Take a sip of milk, then eat a Burts Sea Salt and Malted Vinegar crisp. Then another sip of milk. Then another crisp. Who can last the longest?

2)Find a quiet place, like a library. Look for somebody really clever. Studies have shown that geniuses are more sensitive to background noise disturbance. Creep up on ‘em, then put your bag next to their ear and squash it. And then drown out their complaints by eating your crisps.

3)Don’t want to be disturbed by trick or treaters? Strap two unopened bags of Burts to your ears and enjoy the silence. Oh and maybe switch off the lights too!

4)Set a flock of hungry seagulls on a strolling seaside crisp eater.

5)Feed your guests inferior crisp brands and save all the Burts for yourself.

Remember to stock up in time for Halloween on large bags of Hobgoblin Spit Roast Steak from your local Aldi, which are available whilst stocks last!