NEW Burts & Jim Beam Chips

11 June 2018

‘They might be the greatest chips ever made’ – Fred Noe.

Yes, these were the very words uttered from Jim Beam’s Master Distiller’s lips after tasting our brand-new chips: Original BBQ. Now, given that we’ve partnered up with the world’s number one Bourbon Whiskey to produce them, this proud boast from Fred may not come as a much of a surprise. Of course, he is bound to say that! However, here at Burts, we do believe that we’ve hit the nail on the head with this one and that this summer, they will be the crisp of choice.

Where does our confidence come from though?

Well, that is easy enough to sum up, in five simple points:

The Two Come together

Rain or shine, nothing quite beats the authentic flavour of BBQ. Out of the hundreds of flavours available on the market, BBQ regularly features as a top favourite. Which is why Burts have partnered up with Jim Beam – the latest in a long line of collaborations – to produce a chip that is unrivalled for that signature taste of sweet smoke.

The Quality of Jim Beam

With over 200 years’ experience in making fine Kentucky Bourbon, Jim Beam is a world leader. With smooth notes of spicy oak, vanilla and pepper, their recipe is a well-kept secret, but consistency is key. A bottle stamped with their signature ‘wax’ logo and white label ensures that whatever happens, after pouring, you are in for a treat.

The Provenance of Burts

From the Appalachian Mountains to the rolling green hills of Devon, Burts enjoy a similar reputation for producing exceptional hand cooked crisps. Admittedly, our history is slightly shorter but in the space of over 21 years, we have won a multitude of awards and accolades, because we use local Red Tractor assured potatoes, no MSG and no artificial ingredients.

Why Are They So Good?

Where there is BBQ, there must be Bourbon. So, who else could Burts work with other than Jim Beam, to create the perfect, summertime chip? Remember, we only use authentic seasoning. Think of sweet cherrywood, blended with a touch of heat and spice, and you’re nearly there. Best grab a bag and discover for yourself

How to Enjoy Your Jim Beam Chips

It goes without saying, that drinks and potato chips are the perfect pairing. To be enjoyed with friends and family. And when you combine genuine ingredients, that taste not only real but delicious too, you have all the makings of a party. So, load up that freezer with ice. Dust off your Ray-Bans. And get that BBQ fired up!

You can order a whole box via our online shop, perfect for those summer gatherings in the garden, or as a Fathers Day gift!


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