We’ve been around since 1995 and boy have we seen some things in our time. Scroll through our timeline to find out more about who we are and what we’ve achieved.


The original potato chips are created in New York by a crafty cook. Hitting these shores, the Brits rename them ‘crisps’ to avoid confusion with fish and chips.


Just as Everton win the FA Cup, the Burts team start their mission to find the perfect potato chip. One of us has remained at the top of our game ever since.


After two years of taste testing we set out our ground rules: Our new style of thick-cut crisps will be entirely natural and free from gluten, artificial additives and preservatives. We decide from now on, all Burts crisps will forever be known as Burts Chips, using the original name ‘chips’ to make our premium thick-cut style stand out.


We produce our first batch of hand cooked potato chips. How did they taste? Legendary. Our first range of flavours make their debut: Sea Salt, Mature Cheddar, and No Salt.


Burts Chips History

Our trusty Mercedes Sprinter van begins travelling across Devon and Cornwall to local farm shops, delis, and pubs as word of Burts legendary chips spreads like wildfire.

Burts Chips History


We add Salt & Black Pepper and Hot Chilli & Lemon to our range.


We introduce our smaller 40g bags for those who don’t feel like sharing their crisps. We’ve done it right and kept Burts Chips bags the same size since.


The first episode of The Office makes its way onto our screens, and we win several national awards, including gold at the Great Taste and Taste of the West awards.


We persuade Jerry and Dennis of Bluff, Wyoming – who make the best fryers in the world – to make one for Burts Potato Chips.


We add Salt and Vinegar to the range and begin supplying 40 Waitrose stores across the country, as well as developing a Bloody Mary Christmas special for Oddbins. Hic!


Charles marries Camilla. We marry our locally sourced potatoes with streaky bacon to create a flavour that’s an instant hit.


As Team GB competes at Beijing 2008, we spice things up for fans watching back home on the sofa by adding Sweet Red Paprika to the Burts Chips range.


Our fans tell us they don’t half like it hot, so we add Sweet Chilli to Burts growing range of incredible flavours.


We create a match made in Devon when we unveil Guinness® potato chips to the world. With a bit of Irish luck, they’re a huge success.


Continuing to take taste buds to new extremes, we extend our Guinness range by introducing Guinness Rich Beef Chilli.


We love our potatoes, but we look to lentils for our latest launch: Burts Lentil Waves. In true Burts style, we create a snack that’s full of flavour at only 99 calories a bag. #Winning.


We find a way to bag up Sundays with the launch of Devon Roast Beef, whilst fans of a cheeky pint are sated with the launch of our Spitroast Steak crisps, in association with Hobgoblin Beer.


Guinness & Burts collaborate once more, and this time it’s getting cheesy, with the addition of Guinness Toasted Cheddar.


Burts partner with celebrity chef Dean Edwards to create eight Ultimate Crisp Sandwich Recipes!


Innovation calls as Burts & Hobgoblin continue to bring taste to the nation launching Hamageddon: roast ham, pickle and Hobgoblin Gold. We also spice up our Levi Roots range introducing Caribbean Coconut Curry.


Apparently our chips are pretty popular, so much so that we’ve installed a new double fryer, shipped all the way from the homeland of snacking – the USA!


Following the success of Burts first Better For You snack offering; Lentil Waves, Burts launch Quinoa Crinkles in 2 new flavours: Sweet Pepper & Chorizo, and West country Cream Cheese.