An Autumn adventure with Burts

27 September 2018

The days are getting shorter, the air is growing cooler and the leaves are beginning to turn golden yellow, brown and red. It’s slightly too chilly to avoid a jacket, so you can forget about topping up your holiday tan…

Yep, Autumn is moving in, but that doesn’t mean the adventure has to end. In fact, here at Burts, we think that summer gets it too good. There are so many things to do in the Autumn; strolling through woodlands watching the dog (and the kids!) snuffle through glorious piles of amber leaves, plucking dozens of ripe blackberries from hedgerows (accidentally dying your fingers purple) and finally getting to harvest all of those glorious spuds!

It won’t be long until those delicious spuds find their way into packets of Burts – right on time for fuelling our Autumn adventures. What could be better than ending a stroll through the woods munching on a packet of Devon Roast Beef? Or how about something to warm you up after a bracing walk along the coast? Our Thai Sweet Chilli crisps have all the heat you need.

Whilst we can’t deny it’s been an incredible summer to explore the South West, the fun doesn’t need to stop here. We’ve rounded up some of the best adventures where come rain or shine, you’ll have a cracking day out with the family.

Bellever Forest

Perfect for an Autumnal walk to admire the trees along the way-marked trails. You’re likely to spot Dartmoor Ponies who graze the forest too. But don’t feed them, Burts Chips are just for humans!

7th Rise

7th Rise is the go-to for people seeking something a little wild. Test your hand at foraging, bushcraft, open-fire cooking and kayaking. Autumn is the perfect time for foraging, what will you discover?


Mousehole is a tiny fishing village in West Cornwall with something for the whole family. The small beachfront harbour is a fantastic spot for a spot of fish and chips too!

A La Ronde

A La Ronde is a quirky, 16 sided house featuring its own, totally unique, Shell Gallery with a fascinating history. Just the thing to get little imaginations going, and its open all year round.

Wistman’s Wood

According to legend, this woodland copse set high up on Dartmoor used to be a sacred place for Druids. It’s also been described as the most haunted place in Dartmoor – only for the most intrepid adventurers, then!

Enjoy watching the seasons change – we’ll bring the snacks if you bring the adventure.


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