Gender Pay Gap Report

In support of our commitment to equal opportunities, we aim to foster an inclusive culture in which ALL employees learn, thrive and are rewarded for their contribution and achieve their potential.

We support apprenticeships across the business and support employees to develop new skills and sponsor employees to undertake professional qualifications.

We look to develop opportunities and equal reward for male and female colleagues through our recruitment processes, fair remuneration, ways of working, retention strategies, succession planning and training and development activity.


We are pleased to report that our average gender pay gap was favourable at 4.45% compared to a UK mean average of 7.9% and our overall median gender pay gap in 2021 is 1.79%.

There wasn’t a mean or median bonus percentage variance between male and female employees. In fact the positive mean bonus variance was -6.34%.

There is still work to be done to close the gender pay gap and we want to see more women being promoted into higher paid factory roles and perhaps more female representation in the fourth quartile which is for the highest paid staff. Our action plan will focus on ways to support this to happen.

Please do take the time to read our Gender Pay Gap Report which provides some detail around how we will combat this gap.

We look forward to providing a further update on our progress in 2022.