In a nutshell (or a crisp bag), it’s what we do round ‘ere. And if we’re makin’ more informed choices, taking care of our surroundings, using the right ingredients, and supporting local communities we think it feeds into the quality of Burts snacks.


We love our little corner of Devon…

… that’s why we’ve taken steps to keep it lush

  • Reduced packaging. More boxes on each pallet. Fewer lorries on the road… simple really.
  • Down these parts we make stuff go further. Zero waste to landfill, food waste given to local livestock, cookin’ oil recycled into sustainable biodiesel.
  • Plastic ain’t fantastic… that’s why we’ve reduced our packaging by up to 13%. We ain’t perfect, but we’re workin’ on it.
  • Look to the future and plan on further reducin’ our impact on the environment through PCR (post-consumer recyclates) initiatives. This means mechanically recyclin’ old packagin’ into new.
  • The future’s arrived in our sleepy corner of Devon… we’ve installed electric car charger ports on site for staff to use.

Better snacks, happier environment…decent!

The only footprints we hope to leave are muddy ones! ‘Cos we source as local as possible, lowerin’ our food miles and reducin’ our carbon footprint.

It’s official, our ingredients are traceable, safe, and farmed with care – Red Tractor says so. They’ve also approved our rapeseed oil, it’s 100% UK grown.

We ain’t just passionate about potatoes

Community is everything round ‘ere, and we like to support where we can.


When we’re not in the field, we’re by the water. So, to help raise awareness of the great job the RNLI do we’ve stuck the charity’s brandin’ on bags o’ Burts’ Lightly Sea Salted and Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar 150g and 40g chip packs. The new packagin’ also features the RNLI Float to Live message. We’ve also launched a limited-edition Prawn Cocktail flavour chip. This pack was co-designed by the RNLI and, so far, we’ve raised bags o’ cash for the lifesaving charity. Donate here 

Other charities we support

Devon and Cornwall Food Action group

For over 3 years we’ve been regularly donatin’ produce that we can’t sell due to it being close to shelf-life date.

St Lukes

We support their big fundraising events such as walk for life, men’s day out and tour de moor – we sponsor them with… you guessed it… chips to give away in their goodie bags.

Action for Children

We support local charities at Christmas, donatin’ gifts to vulnerable children and taking part in local raffles and charity events where we can.


We love a good coffee mornin’.

Pennies from Heaven

If our members of staff have signed up to the scheme, the pennies from their monthly pay cheque get donated to the RNLI.

The Iron Man

For this homeless charity we’ve looked at how we can recycle chip packet film into heat blankets.

Closer to home

  • Wellbeing warriors – for when staff need a chat n’ that
  • Mental health first aiders throughout the business
  • Sponsor staff on challenges as and when they participate/undertake


Have a question about our chips? Need some info on our flavours? Want to thank a fryer? Look no further.

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