Burts range

There’s somethin’ in the air down ‘ere… it keeps the cogs turnin’ that’s for sure. We’re proud to produce hand-cooked British potato chips, but we never want to just sit back and admire our handywork. That’s why we decided to bring the legendary Burts’ flavours to a new breed of snack. Like our Lentil Chips – they’re as light as that first bale thrown onto the trailer; Our Handcooked Ridges – ridge cut chips so crunchy they’ve been known to spook the cattle; and perfectly popped Handcooked Popcorn… not just for the movies! You see, it’s not just the spuds that thrive round ‘ere… ideas do too.

Handcooked potato chips

Lentil chips

Handcooked ridges

Handcooked popcorn