The secret to happiness? Bacon in every bite

08 August 2017

width=Ah bacon. Saviour of Sunday mornings, purveyor of smoky goodness, king of hangover cures. Bacon brings out strong opinions. To ketchup or not to ketchup? Brown and crispy or lean and fat free? One thing’s for sure, Brits know their bacon. Try palming us off with a dodgy rasher and you’re asking for trouble. But here at Burts, we respect the rasher. And that’s why we’ve teamed up with producers spoiltpig to bring you our new Smoked Crispy Bacon flavour crisps. Made with REAL bacon.

You see, our pals at spoiltpig are as obsessed with the pink stuff as we are. Down in Devon, they only work with the finest British farmers, who rear pigs so spoilt they’ve been known to throw a diva strop over who ate the last organic apple. In short, they are farmers who can be trusted to bring home the bacon.

Bacon that’s rubbed with a special sea salt cure, allowed to slowly mature, and gently smoked over beechwood. Dribbling yet? And then, we use that mouth wateringly good bacon in our seasoning and combine it with the best spuds in the land. Because bacon that good demands a damn fine bed fellow and our spuds are smokin’. We even have a Red Tractor stamp of approval that says so. Red Tractor you say? Oh it’s only the UK’s largest food assurance scheme. The Oscars of ingredients if you will, except instead of a shiny naked gold bloke, you get a Red Tractor logo.

Smoked Crispy Bacon The result of this joyous union between cured meat and carbohydrate heaven is a crisp hand cooked to perfection. And with every bite, a little taste of fry up perfection. Something to conjure up memories of great breakfasts past on a grey weekday morning in meeting room B.

So we hope you’re as excited about this comeback as we are, it’s been a long two years since our last batch of bacon flavoured crisps. And it’s mainly down to pressure from the great bacon loving public that we’ve buddied up with spoiltpig to give the people what they really want.

Because you know what they say – you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy bacon. And even better, you can once more buy our Smoked Crispy Bacon crisps.


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