Head out for a bang and a whoosh (and not a whimper) this Bonfire Night

02 November 2018


There are generally two options when it comes to Bonfire Night. The first one being the idea of holding a firework party at home. Which on first impression, is quite the cosy suggestion.

Once everything gets dark, there is a lot to be said for huddling out on your patio, with mugs of hot soup, snacks and packets of crisps – such as Burts Spicy Chorizo Chips. A great flavour to warm the cockles of your hearts and add some appropriate smoky zest to your taste-buds.

Sure enough, sparklers will burst in life, names will get traced out in the gloom, with giggles along the way and a warm buzz will soon envelope everyone; as they wait for the homemade display to begin.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

But what is going on here then? Well, down there at the bottom of the garden, is often a frustrated soul. Who is stumbling about with a broken torch and a taper lighter between their teeth, desperately trying to read instructions in the pitch-black

‘Break out some more Burts Spicy Chorizo Chips, they’ll soon perk up,’ someone will say.

‘Hurry up Dad! When is the show going to start? We’re freezing our toes off here.’

Yes, the potential for pyrotechnical heartbreak looms large at home.

To be fair, when it comes to celebrations on November 5th, here at Burts we always prefer to go for the second option – the public firework display. It is better to let the professionals do it and it is much better for all those pets at home.

Throughout the country, the skies will be illuminated by lots of events, we can only wonder as to the delights you will find. Some of us here at Burts will be heading for the infamous, Ottery St Mary Tar Barrels Night on Monday November 5th.  www.tarbarrels.co.uk

The origins of this old West Country tradition, held in picturesque Ottery St Mary, is connected not only to the Gunpowder plot but also to the Spanish Armada. As ships approached the coast, barrels coated with tar were lit, to warn neighbouring towns. Nowadays, crowds gather to watch foolhardy participants take turns carrying the flaming barrels through the town. On their shoulders! It’s a great spectacle but not for the faint-hearted. So make sure you stand back, stay safe and stay warm with a packet of Burts Spicy Chorizo Chips.

It will beat hanging out at home, listening to muffled swearing at the bottom of the garden, don’t you think?

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