Burts pack extra crunch for Dan

29 November 2017

Always on the lookout for adventure, it was a day A-level student and rugby fanatic, Dan Norris, won’t forget in a hurry…

The day he repeatedly had to endure crunching tackles from Exeter Chiefs’ prop forward Carl Rimmer – whilst dressed as a giant Burts Chips packet!

Far from being a scene from some bizarre nightmare, it was a dream come true. Dan, 17, explained:

“I love rugby and I love crisps, especially Burts, and my stepdad, coming from Crediton, is mad keen on the Chiefs, so how could I resist the challenge?

I play for Cleve Colts in Bristol, but facing up to an 18 stone Premiership champion like Carl, well how many young players like me get that chance?”


Carl and Dan

So how did Dan, well, ‘bag’ this unusual opportunity?

Burts are proud sponsors of Carl and we wanted to make a short film featuring both him and Burt, our mascot, for the screens at Sandy Park.

Ckreative Department from Bristol came up with the idea of Carl tackling a packet of Burts, and they asked their children if they knew any fearless young rugby players who would take a few tackles for the team.

Dan was the man.

“It was a fantastic experience, seeing the Chiefs train,” said Dan. “But I must admit, I was a bit daunted when it was just Carl and me wearing that Burts outfit on the pitch. I couldn’t even see him coming!

Carl tackles Burt

Carl took it easy to begin with so I had to goad him a bit, you know, to bring out the aggression…”

Further encouragement came from Carl’s bemused teammates as they looked from the touchline.

Thankfully, Dan survived to tell the tale, and when it was all over they both shared a few friendly words about rugby over a real packet of Burts. Well, Dan was too young for a pint.

See what happens when it comes to the crunch – check out Carl, Dan and Burt in action, and don’t forget to look out for the video on the big screens at the next Exeter Chiefs home game at Sandy Park stadium.


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