Introducing Quinoa Crinkles

31 January 2017

A new addition to Burts ‘Better For You’ healthy snack range

Burts Quinoa CrinklesHold on to your svelte, well-toned frames because Burts is launching a new product range for all those who want to lighten their calorie load without compromising on the flavour.

Introducing Quinoa Crinkles. Available in two powerful flavours – Sweet Pepper & Chorizo, and West Country Cream Cheese, they will contain just 90 calories a packet. Part of our ‘Better For You’ range, which launched so successfully in 2014 with Lentil Waves, these new products take our snacking innovation to the next level.

But what is Quinoa?

Traditionally grown in the Andean mountains of South America, Quinoa is the seed of the Chenopodium or ‘Goosefoot’ plant. Growing awareness of its tremendous health benefits has seen sales of Quinoa rocket in recent years and it’s quickly become a fixture in the UK’s trendiest cafés, typically served with salads as an alternative to rice.

But what’s so good about it?

Widely considered to be a ‘superfood’, Quinoa contains all nine of the essential amino acids our body needs. It’s high in fibre, iron, magnesium, calcium, Vitamins B and E and it’s even gluten-free. It’s hard to think of a better ingredient on which to base a new product. But of course, we’ve taken the best and made it better adding the Burts commitment to strong flavors and our local Devonshire heritage.

Each batch of Quinoa Crinkles will be carefully flash fried at Burts HQ using local ingredients such as high-quality chorizo from local producer, the Good Game Company. And just like the whole Burts snack range, they’ll be free from MSG, artificial flavourings and colourings. Each packet of Quinoa Crinkles will also contain 45% less fat than a standard packet of Burts Sea Salt Potato Chips.

But most all, they are guaranteed delicious, bursting with the traditionally bold flavours you have come to expect from Burts. Think indulgent flavours, crunchy, crispy textures, and a lighter bite for the health-conscious consumer. So kick off the new year with Quinoa Crinkles and look out for news on the best places to buy them.

Want more information about Quinoa?

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