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23 December 2016

Exploding Christmas Crisp Crackers

At this time of year, no festive feast is complete without Christmas Crackers. But why settle for cheap hats and plastic toys when, with a little bit of imagination, you can do sooo much better.

Picture the usual scene … two young siblings jostling for supremacy, tugging and pulling the cracker this way and that as if their very lives depended upon it. Across the table the familial spectators await a pre-ordained binary result with a victor and the disappointed defeated. How’s that for Christmas spirit!

Oh but wait; there’s a twist, then a snap and as the cracker breaks apart, the table is showered in a cascade of savoury wonder – as crisps of myriad tantalising flavours explode into the air in the true spirit of Christmas giving.

That my friends is how to do a Christmas Cracker the Burts way. So put a little crunch into your yuletide this year with our wonderful home-made exploding Christmas Crisp Crackers.



You’ll need:

  • Kitchen or toilet roll tubes
  • Attractive wrapping paper
  • Cracker snaps
  • Ribbon Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • A delicious selection of Burts potato chips

Step 1

Wait till Christmas Eve. Crisps are kept in packets for a reason. But your crisps should stay nice and fresh for 24-48 hours if they’re nestled securely and dryly inside your best-in-class cracker case.

Step 2

You’ve chosen your wrapping paper. I hope it’s suitably magnificent and festive. On no accounts use ‘Happy Birthday’ paper – it’ll just make you look like a cheapskate! Cut the paper to size – 20cm by 30cm.

Step 3

Using the sticky tape, stick a cracker snap length-ways to the inside of the paper, about 1cm in from the top. Attach the sticky tape near the ends, not in the middle or your bang will be more of a whimper.

Step 4

Treat yourself to a mug of tea. You’re doing great so far and, well you deserve it. Christmas preparations are thirsty work.

Step 5

Now, you want to test the roll tubes are wide enough to fit your crisps. Imagine the disappointed faces if you had a blockage. You don’t want that! We want an explosion of crisps. So here’s a tip. Firstly, get the widest rolls you can. Crisps are fairly big so you need a decent diameter. Then, if they don’t fit, cut the tube down its length and just straighten the bend a fraction so there’s a gap. Then cut a piece from another tube of the same length and curl it over that gap. You don’t need to glue them together. Your tube chamber should now be wide enough to fit the crisps. Hurrah! Have a sip of that tea. Oh, and if you’re using kitchen roll tubes you’ll want to cut them to the length of a standard toilet roll.

Step 6

Lay out the paper flat. You’re going to roll the tube in the wrapping paper and you want to make sure it’s central to the paper. With a pencil draw two lines 10cm from each edge of the paper. Perfect. Your tube will fit between them.

Step 7

Line up three tubes – your main tube plus two temporary ones placed either side (you’ll remove these later) and then roll the tubes in the paper.

Step 8

Now a clever bit – pull one of the end tubes out about an inch so there’s a gap and twist the paper a little and push it in to weaken it. Now take your ribbon and tie up your cracker with a bow. And finally remove that end tube. One end of the cracker is finished. That tea must be getting cold.

Step 9

It’s time for the main event. Pour your Burts chips into the other end of the cracker until they rest in the main central tube. Maybe put a joke in there too.

Step 10

Repeat step 8 to tie off the other end of your cracker. And you’re done. You have made an EXPLODING Christmas Crisp cracker. Awesome! You’ll most probably need a few more though, hey? One cracker does not a Christmas make.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with it, you can build each cracker in about 5 minutes. There are loads of website videos showing you how to make Christmas crackers and there are a few different techniques. We particularly liked these two:


We’d love to see any you make. Post photos or videos of your amazing crisp crackers on our Facebook page Instagram or Twitter and we’ll send a free box of Burts chips to the best one.