New Year, New Dad

08 January 2018

Welcome to 2018!

It’s morning. You know it is morning because daylight is starting to peer through the curtains. That much your brain can work out. You also know that it is 2018. But any more than that, your mind draws a blank.

Above the sheets hangs a sour, stale cloud of vaporised port, peppered with a fine potato dust, all floating above your mouth. The remnants of some fine post-midnight feasting on some Burt’s Spicy Chorizo Chips. Yes, now you remember, a real flavour fiesta was had.

However, underneath the sheets, it is a sulphurous Hades. The Brassicaceae peninsula has finally been breached and plumes erupt from dark chasms, spewing forth poisonous gases. In the corners of your mouth, a strange white residue collects; like a creamy cottage cheese. Even though your throat is bone dry.

January Snacking

Your head thuds in metronomic time to the rhythm of an invisible Big Brass Band and it feels like the Chattanooga Choo-Choo is going to cleave your skull in two-two.

Then, somewhere out there in the vastness of space, a small voice pipes up and a finger pokes you in the eye and asks if Santa can come to your house again. And, could they have some toast.

You just want to lie there in bed and let your broken, bloated body knit itself together. However, a little voice inside your head says that you must get up. You must get moving. You must look at yourself in the mirror and (if necessary) slap your pale, moribund face and shake out of this stupor.

Because not only does a new day lie ahead, there is a whole new year to square up to. For after all the frivolity and festivities, it is now time to become a New Dad.

Forgive us if this all sounds a little overbearing and haughty. Here at Burts, we are acutely aware that Christmas is a time for celebration and *ahem* overindulgence – you should have come to our Christmas party, strewth! But we are also aware that many Dads out there will be looking to make some changes for the better in 2018.

So, we’ve drawn together a short list of suggestions to help you get on your way. And if we’ve missed anything out, well, we’d love to hear about some of the New Year’s resolutions that you have got in mind too.

New Years Resolutions

Walk, Don’t Run.

It’s the same old story every year. Gym membership always soars in January. Yet come early February, that expensive kit often gets shoved back under the bed, as the monotony of the treadmill sets in. But why not take those trainers outside and commit to the challenge of walking 1000 miles instead. This simple initiative, set up by walkers’ magazine Country Walking, aims to encourage people to cover 2.74 miles a day. Which sounds small but it soon all adds up. And plus, there is benefit of simply popping out at lunch time, the changing scenery and bringing your family on the journey too, for longer countryside walks. Sign up for free here.

Sensible snacking.

A belligerent approach to dieting in the New Year often means cutting back too much and too soon. Portion sizes go down, naughty ingredients get struck off the list and controlled, three square meals become the order of the day. However, there is evidence to suggest that snacking in meals between can help to control appetite, boost metabolism and encourage weight loss. Just so long as you abide by the golden rule of eating when you feel slightly hungry and stopping when you feel just slightly full. This means of course, making sure you snack on more fruit and nuts, but dipping into a packet of Burts Quinoa Crinkles or Lentil Waves won’t go amiss either. Our Quinoa Crinkles, which come in two flavours – West Country Cream Cheese, and Sweet Pepper & Chorizo – and are a great source of fibre, and gluten free. As for our Lentil Waves, they are less than 99 calories per pack, and are 40% less fat vs. crisps!

Healthier Snack Choices

Pick up the phone.

One big push that may have passed you by over the Christmas period, was Help the Aged’s campaign to beat loneliness amongst the elderly. There are around 1.2m older people in the UK who are estimated to have little or no contact at all with the outside world and now that the holiday is over, the drive to alleviate loneliness is even more pertinent. A great step for the New Year could be volunteering to become a befriender. Where, via the charity, a visit to the home of an elderly person or weekly telephone call could make all the difference. As in the immortal words of Jarvis Cocker from Pulp – ‘Help the aged, one time they were just like you…’ More details can be found here.
Invest in family.

Last but not least, the greatest adventures to be had, are often with your very own children. Many of you Dads out there will have taken time off over the Christmas period and have had the reminder that they soon grow up fast. You only have to check out our last blog post to appreciate that. Spending more time with your children is a no-brainer then, so now is the time to make plans for the rest of 2018. Holidays spent camping, or glamping even. Weekend projects at home, finally building that treehouse together. Or just simple trips to the cinema and the park are all worthwhile. Not all resolutions should be about healthier. Though running around after kids, will no doubt get you there in no time and come December, you will be as fit as a fiddle.

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