Dads, Looking for Half Term Inspiration?

16 October 2017

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In a week or two, depending on where you live, school bells across the land will be ringing out joyously, before falling silent for the short break is that commonly known as ‘Half Term’. As a result, thousands of scuffed shoes will come bursting through doors, running across playgrounds and racing for the gates. And outside, will be the parents; all shell shocked and smiling with rictus grins, eyes open wide. All collectively thinking – ‘How on earth are we going to keep this lot amused for a week?’

On top of that, modern life often means that responsibilities need to be shared. During the half term break, there will be days when Mum is in charge and there will be days when Dad must take control of the wheel.

So, Dads, what do you do?

Rural DadventuresWell, there are of course a lot of options out there. Bundling down to the cinema for the latest release will tick off an afternoon and sneaking some snacks in will also save some money. A morning splashing around at the swimming pool can easily be dragged out too. Most children will happily wait until they’ve turned into mini prunes before being coaxed back out of the water. And not forgetting to mention all the soft play centres and trampoline venues that have sprung up everywhere. Venues that go by the name of ‘Jump Frenzy’ or ‘Rocky’s Sponge Jungle’. Days can be whittled away in these places. Although for Dads, it can be boring and solitary, watching your offspring run around like loons. Sweating and sharing germs in ball pits indoors.

For a lot of Dads, it is good to simply get outside. A basic game plan may well include walks in the park, a kick about with a football and a hastily prepared lunch. The leaves are falling and it may be a bit more damp and cold out there but that is no excuse for slouching around watching TV at home. We all need that precious vitamin D. Besides, nothing quite beats sitting breathlessly on a park bench and unwrapping a ham sandwich, stuffing it with crisps and chomping down. Especially when they are Burts crisps. That really is a simple pleasure and a nice, easy option for keeping children happy and amused.

However, when it comes to children and crisp sandwiches, loyalties can be divided. So on the supermarket run, it pays to grab a variety of flavours. Sea salt and malt vinegar and Mature cheddar and spring onion are traditional choices but kids love to catch you out, so be prepared for a Thai sweet chilli and strawberry jam combo. And naturally, clever Dads will have got all their crisp shopping done on-line. Because no-one wants to spend half term trawling the aisles.

Beach Time DadventuresComing back to inspiration and working out what to do with your children during the break, there is no reason why Dads shouldn’t use it an excuse to broaden their horizons and to do something new and exciting with them. In fact, if you are a Dad, the half term could provide the perfect opportunity to formulate a Dadventure and fulfil some dreams of your own.
It could involve something dynamic, like visiting an outdoor pursuits centre, for a day climbing and zipping around on wires. Depending on the age of your children, white water rafting would certainly up the ante and give them something thrilling to report back on. Or perhaps organizing a trip down memory lane, visiting a favourite seaside location, where you used to go crabbing with your own Dad. That could be the ticket for a half-term to remember.

Halloween DadventuresTime is precious and children grow so fast, so why not plot both your paths with big, fun experiences along the way?
Having read this, you may already have an idea that really want to run with, an adventure in mind that you are bursting to share with your children. Well, the good news is that here, at Burts Chips, we are offering Dads the opportunity of a lifetime: A £1000 cash to spend on the ultimate Dadventure.

All you have to do is tell us about your dream #Dadventure and we could help make it a reality!

Enter now by visiting the competition page and entering your details and come the time that bell rings, you might have a surprise in store for your children. Rather than standing there, blinking and thinking – ‘What am I going to do?’

Check out our video below for some inspiration.

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